Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and Fellow Foodies,

I need your help! I am going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign on September 1st. Virtually all successful Campaigns hit 30-50% of their goal within the first 48 hours of the Campaign Launch from commitments from their personal network. People like to back a winner. So this survey will help me prepare for LAUNCH DAY! Can you please commit to supporting my campaign and share the link to this page with as many folks as you can. Many, many thanks.

Getting closer. Thanks to everyone who has committed to participating in the Kichstarter Campaign

Please note: By choosing any of the above options you are not purchasing a product at this time but simply indicating your intention to back my Campaign. The Four Organza Gift Bags are at half price and there will only be a limited number available on Launch Day and will probably be the first to sell out. Thank you for backing my Campaign. Please share this with your friends, family, colleagues via email, social media and shouting from the rooftops!!
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