Noons Fine Foods Inc DBA Best Pepper Ever has been granted Eligible Business Corporation status and can offer BC investors and BC registered companies a 30% tax credit for equity investment. Best Pepper Ever is a social purpose company dedicated to helping alleviate food insecurity through community-based, Fair Trade distribution of organic spice. Our unique business model can fulfill its social purpose while delivering above average returns on investment.  We invite you to join us to Help Farmers & Feed Kids. Download Business Plan

For more details on the tax credit please visit the BC Venture Capital Program website.

Contact Joseph at: 778-835-5801 or via email.

Social Purchasing will play an increasingly significant role in addressing global problems like poverty and hunger, climate change, gender equality and bio-diversity. 


You can help us work towards achieving the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals of No Poverty & Zero Hunger by 2030 . As an EBC we can give a 30% tax credit. Placing the investment in an RRSP can deliver a further 30-49.8% tax deduction.

If at the end of the five years the shares were donated to a charity that would be eligible for a 45% tax credit based on the market value at that time. It is not guaranteed but the value could be up to four or five times the purchase price and the tax credit would be based on the current market value.


Social Commerce Is A $1.2 Trillion Opportunity And The Next Global Shopping Revolution – Source: Forbes Magazine

BC residents get a 30% tax credit when they invest in an EBC-eligible business. They can further reduce the costs of their investment by using the RRSP deduction of up to 49.8% depending on their tax bracket (i.e., 30% EBC + 49.8% RRSP tax benefit, making it close to 80%). Investors who want to diversify their current RRSP or TFSA investments can also receive the 30% tax credit – and should speak to their tax advisors for the details.




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