Noons Fine Foods Inc. DBA Best Pepper Ever is a social purpose company creating a Fair Trade, market system for regenerative agriculture. We are working with a collective of 400 small Cambodian pepper farmers as well as artisanal producers of Kampot/Kep sea salt and Kampong Speu Palm Sugar. All three products have GI (Geographical Indication) putting them on the same footing as other appellations of origin like Champagne, Bourdeau, Darjeeling…

Fair Trade has helped lift small producers of cocoa and coffee out of poverty and our vision is to connect tens of thousands of smallholder organic spice farmers and artisanal producers directly to Western markets.

Fair Trade is changing the face of the global food distribution system as more and more companies, governments and citizens are choosing brands that have immediate and significant social and climate impact.

A Fair Trade distribution system for smallholder, organic spice and artisanal growers not only addresses poverty, hunger and climate change it will have other equally important outcomes for gender equality, mitigating the growing problem of soil degradation and desertification, preserve and protect our pollinators and promote bio-diversity. Increased prosperity at the smallholder level will increase community health and wellness and offer smallholders better paths to education and training for their families. Combine those benefits with the exquisite taste and exceptional quality of organic products like Kampot Pepper and you have a clear path to a better and more sustainable future.

Some positive climate news: The Rodale Institute has been conducting research on regenerative (organic) agriculture for 75 years. They state that a global switch to regenerative crop and pasture systems could draw down more than 100 percent of annual CO2 emissions.


Choose Kampot Pepper, the Best Pepper Ever as your tabletop choice, enjoy an exquisite taste experience and

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