Kampot Sea Salt is an artisanal, organic table salt. It was awarded GI (Geographical Indication) in 2023. It is handcrafted by local farmers using simple tools, mostly made of wood, including hoes, spades, rakes, and baskets) and productions occurs only in the dry season. In October and November channels and dikes are prepared and the clay surface of the evaporation pools is compacted with a simple pounding implement. Next, water is pumped into reservoir ponds, either directly from the sea or from canals. As the water flows from the reservoir pond through a series of evaporation pools (usually five) over the course of about 40 days, the salinity increases.

Once the water reaches the crystallization pond, the salt precipitates out and is raked into small piles to dry before being collected and then stored in warehouses at the edge of the ponds. Salt harvesting takes place from January to March, and after each batch is harvested, the pools must be cleaned and compacted before the cycle can begin again.

Kampot Salt Production


At the beginning of the season after they clean the salt troughs it is a journey through time to watch and listen as they pound the clay, stomp their feet and sing traditional songs,

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