Poverty Reduction

70% of the Kampot region lives in poverty. A Fair Trade distribution network will reduce poverty by increasing the farmer’s standard of living and will impact following:

Reduce Child Labour

In Cambodia due to challenges accessing basic education and the absence of a compulsory education requirement, children are vulnerable to the worst forms of child labour.

Improved Dental & General Health

Children living in poverty when they have access to education have poor outcomes due to systemic health issues and chronic undernourishment. Intestinal parasites and tooth decay are rampant.

Reduce Domestic Violence

A report by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) states that: “…domestic violence in Cambodia is linked tot poverty and the lack of education and is particularly high in the countryside where literacy rates are low.”

Prosperity & Hope

In 1999 the Khmer Rouge rebels were finally ousted and the pepper farmers began to rebuild. With a Fair Trade distribution network the region can achieve a sustainable income level, educate their children and look forward to a future of hope.

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