Fight Poverty – Buy Fair Trade Kampot Pepper

When you purchase Fair Trade Kampot Pepper your purchase not only helps local causes but is integral in rebuilding an industry virtually destroyed by the Pol Pot regime. Read more of the history and rationale here.

We have created a unique program to help fund charitable, non-profit and community initiatives. When you purchase Kampot Pepper ‘the best pepper in the world’  35% of the purchase price goes to the organization of your choice.

Apply now to join the Fight Poverty program.

Supporters: You can choose to support any of the following groups, programs or organizations by clicking on Best Pepper Ever link on their home website or by clicking on their link below:




Registrants: Below is an example of a  Kampot Pepper Widget that you can place on your (or your supporters) website(s), newsletters, social media sites and/or emails.  Once you have registered we will add your logo to this widget or work with you to design a custom widget. Once completed we then send you the widget and the code to embed the store wherever you wish. We can help you put the widget up on your site or create a custom message if you need a hand. Thank you.


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