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What do 18% of British Columbians and 70% of Cambodians living in Kampot Province have in common?

They live in poverty!

You are invited to host a ‘LUNCH & LEARN’ event where you and your audience will learn about a unique partnership between local charities and small pepper farmers in Southwest Cambodia.

In this informative and compelling presentation about  ‘the best pepper in the world’ you will learn how an innovative Fair Trade distribution approach is creating a long-term, sustainable solution for one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia while helping the great work of Food Banks in BC & Alberta and other worthwhile local and international causes.

There will be a short presentation on Cambodia, it’s rich and fascinating culture, its tragic past, the resilience of its people in general and the amazing ‘comeback’ of the Kampot pepper farmers in particular.

We give short, informative and fun six minute presentations at AGM’s, corporate and organizational meetings, virtual trade shows, webinars and other online events. We think of it in terms of the old school TV announcements ‘…and now a word from our sponsor.’

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